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Is there anything as frustrating as finishing in a home and discovering an annoying floor squeak? The experts at AdvanTech have developed a revolutionary new flooring adhesive, allowing you to easily and quickly adhere your subfloors to your floor joists to help eliminate the problem. But as with many of the products that are developed by the manufacturer, a lack of squeaking floors is only the beginning of the benefits that this amazing new product brings to the market. Here’s an in-depth look at why you may want to add AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive to your projects in the future.

Though many construction adhesives work well for subflooring, very few of them are specifically designed for flooring use. That’s just one area where AdvanTech stands out from the crowd. The material delivers strong, reliable adhesion between flooring joists and subflooring panels, helping to reinforce the structure as a whole at the same time. During development, the manufacturer carefully considered potential issues that regularly arise on the job site, creating a product that meets a wide range of other real-world problems in construction.

The adhesive is very easy to install, using a simple foam-applicator type gun to lay a bead of the adhesive down your joists. It bonds quickly to most surfaces, so make sure that your crew is wearing gloves, eye protection and similar personal protective equipment to keep the adhesive off of skin and tissues. Both the joist and the subfloor should be free of grease and oil and should not have pooled or standing water on them. Close the control knob before installing a new can, then shake the entire assembly for about 30 seconds. Start applying the foam after opening the control knob a full turn, then adjust the bead size by rotating the control knob until you reach a 1/2″ bead size. Don’t touch the tip of the gun to the joist, but keep it just above the surface, and make sure to frequently clean the tip of the gun with a rag to prevent the adhesive from drying on the end of the gun. Apply the subflooring panels within 20 minutes, including all fasteners, for a solid bond that will last for years to come. The gun may be stored with the can attached for a maximum of 30 days.

AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive

Reasons To Use AdvanTech™ Subfloor Adhesive

Strong polyurethane bonding formula:
The adhesive includes a strong, heavy-duty formula based on polyurethane. This allows you to create a solid, strongly-bonded surface between your floor joists and subflooring. This formula consistently performs well above ASTM standards by two to five times.
Works on wet or frozen wood:
This adhesive was made for New England and Mid Atlantic job sites! The adhesive’s formula was developed to be able to bond even wet or frozen subflooring panels and floor joists. The moisture-curing adhesive is the perfect option when the weather is tough.
Can be applied in a range of temperatures:
With an 85ºF range of temperatures for application, you can apply the subflooring adhesive on warm winter afternoons to hot summer mornings. This makes it easy to get the job done and keep your crew working, no matter the weather, to build stiff, quiet subflooring.
Has eight times the coverage of caulk-based adhesive systems:
On average, caulk-tube-based adhesive options deliver about 50 linear feet of adhesive. By comparison, a single 24 oz. can of Subfloor Adhesive can go 400 linear feet. You get more application out of each can, reducing change-outs on the job site.
Applies quickly and easily:
The adhesive is formulated to install as an easy-to-apply foam that collapses quickly into a strong poly-based gel adhesive. This allows you to keep your crews working on getting the job done instead of waiting for curing times to roll around before resuming work.
Comes with a squeak-free guarantee:
When used with AdvanTech® subfloor panels, you get such as strong bond that it’s backed by the only Squeak-Free Guarantee™ available in the industry. For peace of mind and fewer custom

When you use AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive in your projects, you can not only ensure that there are no squeaks in your new floor, but you can also take advantage of the other numerous benefits mentioned above. If you’re not certain whether AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive is the right solution for your job site needs, the experienced associates at Poulin Lumber are ready to help you through the decision. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to place an order for any of your building supply needs.

Download the Advantech Subflooring adhesive guide

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