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Andersen Windows creates some of the best windows in the industry, but which glass options should you consider when purchasing windows from this manufacturer? Here’s a quick look at several options that you may have available, including information to help you select the right glass for your situation.

1. Low-E / Low-E4 Glass

To improve your home’s energy efficiency, Andersen’s Low-E and Low-E4 glass are great options. It has a specialized metal film on the outside, reflecting heat away from your home in the summertime while keeping your home warm throughout the winter. It’s great in climates where both heating and cooling costs must be considered. The Low-E4 glass has a final coating on top of the Low-E film that creates a self-cleaning surface, activated by sunlight. This allows you to enjoy superior energy efficiency while spending less time washing exterior windows. It’s available on all of Andersen’s windows.

2. SmartSun Glass

Pretty farmhouse conceptWhen you live in a more moderate climate, sometimes protecting your home from the heat of summer is just as important as protecting it from winter’s biting cold. Andersen’s SmartSun glass works well in all climates by providing you with both the benefits of Low-E glass and UV protection for your home’s interior finishes and furnishings while keeping your home comfortable year-round. It’s available on all of Andersen’s window products, providing you with options if you’d like to realize additional levels of energy efficiency, even on their lower-end window products.

3. Sun Glass

Don’t want to wreck a great view but tired of high heat gain and excessive glare that makes some rooms unusable at specific points in the day? Andersen’s Sun Glass provides you with both thermal protection from heat transference and blocked glare and UV radiation to prevent fading of your home’s furnishings and interior trims. This is one of the options that make it a great choice for south-facing windows or southern climates. It’s only available in specific series, however, including the E-Series, A-Series, 400 Series, 200 Series and 100 Series line of windows from Andersen, so choose your windows carefully.

4. PassiveSun Glass

Windows for colder climates or homes that are designed for passive solar heating, Andersen’s PassiveSun glass option allows you to gain heat through your sun-facing windows, by allowing the radiant heat from the sun through your windows, while still blocking a good amount of UV radiation that can cause your furnishings and paint to fade and providing a decent U-value for energy performance. It’s available on all Andersen window products.

5. Dual-Paned Glass

For the absolute basics in insulated glass, Andersen’s Dual-Paned glass provides you with basic protection from heat transference. Available on select Andersen window products, it’s a solid, economical option for your home. However, some building codes will no longer cover these windows, so it’s very important that you talk to your local codes office first to ensure they’re in compliance with local regulations.

6. Triple-Paned Glass

Modern house concept artIf you had any doubt that Andersen does windows right, their triple-paned glass option wipes it away. Receiving the 2019 Most Efficient designation from Energy Star, this glass variety delivers the best possible insulation in a window. By providing an extra pane of glass, the window has two separate chambers that provide insulating options for your windows, reducing thermal transference further and keeping heat or cold in. It’s perfect for people in extreme climates when heating costs are a concern, as it can drastically reduce temperature change. It’s available for Andersen’s E-Series and A-Series windows.

7. HeatLock Glass

As an additional layer that can be added to most Andersen windows, the HeatLock® coating is typically added to the inside of the window. The coating has properties that reflect heat that would otherwise be lost through thermal transference back into the room, giving you an additional option if you’re not willing to invest in some of Andersen’s higher-quality window series but still want the solid quality of Andersen windows, or if you want to up the already exceptional energy efficiency of Andersen’s better window lines.

By understanding what your options are in Andersen Windows’ variety of offerings, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision when it comes to keeping your home operating in an energy-efficient fashion. At the same time, you’ll know that you’ve got some of the best windows in the industry that are backed by a serious warranty. If you need help to decide what kind of windows are right for your home or business, the experienced professionals at Poulin Lumber are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to get a quote on high-quality Andersen windows for your home or business.

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