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It used to be a mark of pride to purchase something that was made in America, but that process has become more and more difficult over the years. Fortunately, New England has new options available to buy local when it comes to windows. Poulin Lumber is proud to partner with Harvey Windows, a New England-based company that manufactures high-quality windows. Here’s a little more information about the products they manufacture and what sets them apart from the rest.

Why Work with Harvey Windows?

There are a number of reasons to work with this high-quality New England window manufacturer. Because the windows are produced locally, there are significantly reduced lead times for production compared to companies that are across the country or around the world. The windows themselves are of superior quality and come with exceptional warranties. They provide fabulous energy efficiency, use one-piece manufactured extension jambs and casings, are simple to install and come in a wide range of styles and options, including very budget-friendly varieties.

Harvey Window’s Extensive Line of Options:

– Glazing

Harvey windowsWindows from Harvey come with three different levels of glazing available – Basic, which may be a single pane and not provide very good energy efficiency, Energy Star, which meets minimal energy efficiency requirements set by the federal government, and High Performance, which include triple glazing, low-E glass coatings, foam-filled cavities and krypton gas to provide the highest level of energy efficiency available. Harvey Windows also feature significantly lower air infiltration than the industry standard at 0.03-0.14 CFM/SF versus 0.30 CFM/SF, reducing energy loss even further.

– Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Harvey Windows are available in an astounding 28 different exterior paint shades to match your home’s style perfectly, as well as three shades of vinyl and two shades of interior wood finish. The windows are available in sizes as small as 13″ by 22.5″ to as large as 78″ by 62.5″. The manufacturer produces a range of styles to fit all your needs, including single- and double-hung windows, casement windows, rolling or sliding windows, awning windows and patio doors. This means you’ll be able to meet all your window needs from a single supplier, ensuring that you’ll be able to get a good match between colors, styles, and frames.

– Other Options

But that’s not the end of your choices! Harvey Windows are also available with blinds between the glass, allowing you to avoid dust-collecting blinds on the outside of the glass while keeping your blinds perfectly in order exactly where you want them. Grids are available either between the glass or on the exterior only, making cleaning much easier in the long run. Window hardware is available in five different finishes, including white, brass, brushed nickel, bronze, and almond. There is also a range of interior trim kits available to match your home’s existing style and decor.

Harvey Windows provides you with quality window options to buy domestic for your next project. Because they’re made in New England, you’re helping to keep money in the region, improving the local economy. But what if you’re not quite sure which of these awesome options is the best for your project? The experienced associates at Poulin Lumber are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out to us today to learn more, with any questions or to get a quote on these amazing, locally-produced, high-quality windows.

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