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When it comes to weatherproofing, a client’s roof is the first line of defense against wind and water damage. It also takes a beating day in and day out, so having a high-quality roof is vital to the home’s continued comfort and durability. One option that many homeowners and residential contractors are turning to in the northeast is metal roofing. Providing decades of reliable service, Everlast’s Metal Roofing systems are designed to last longer and perform better than competitors. Here are some basics to get you started.

As the primary heavier-gauge panel, Everlast provides you with a number of different options, including many specialty pieces you wouldn’t expect to see available outside of a custom fabrication shop. The company prides itself on having the best performance in the business, as is demonstrated by the different technologies they’ve developed over the years:

AZM with Activate Technology

AZM vs. Galvalume

Over the past 20 years, Everlast has put over 5,000 panels from BlueScope Steel through harsh testing conditions to ensure the best possible performance. Harsh marine conditions, Q-Fog cyclic testing and real-world conditions at 50 different building sites have all been used to push this high-quality metal over the edge. It hasn’t succeeded. The result is a durable metal that is even more corrosion resistant at the cut edge.


We’ve all seen metal roofs that have faded with time, creating a washed-out, aged appearance. ColorBond is Everlast’s answer to that problem. A proprietary pretreatment and paint system that has seen decades of hard use overseas, it includes a wide range of compounds that reflect summer heat away from the roof, prevent chalking and provide durability for over 50 years. These properties make it the most durable and consistent painted panel on the market, available in 18 beautiful colors.

Galvalume Substrate

Galvanized zinc as a protective substrate for steel panels does a good job of preventing corrosion. But several decades ago, it was discovered that zinc and aluminum combined provided even better protection against the elements. Branded as galvalume, this strong new alloy provided a longer panel life and lower corrosion than regular galvanized panels. In most situations, galvalume lasts at least 20 years if not longer compared to galvanized panels, while in extreme marine conditions, galvalume still lasts 15 years – three times longer than comparable galvanized panels.

Product Lines

Everlast Metal Roofing Build


If you want the appearance of a standing seam roof without the hassle of clips and seaming tools, this is a great option. The thicker steel has striations to add strength while hidden fasteners secure it to your roof.


Need a slightly different appearance in a standing seam? Everseam provides flat, striated and minor ribs with a 1.5″ high seam and can be custom cut up to 40′ long by the inch.

Everlast II Lynx:

This system delivers a somewhat lighter metal at 28 gauge, but don’t let its thin profile fool you. The Lynx features a 40 year warranty, something you may not see in most other light metal manufacturers.

Everlast II Omni:

Very slightly thicker than the Lynx at 27 gauge, the Omni delivers another ten years on the warranty, giving you 50 years of guaranteed strong performance and weather protection.

Everlast Metal Roofing gives your home high-quality performance with long-lasting benefits and an appearance that can be highly customized, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We’d love to give you more details about this high-quality metal roofing material to help you keep your project running strong. Please feel free to download our guide “EVERLAST METAL ROOFING – A Complete Guide For Residential Applications” below to get started.


Everlast Metal Roofing Application Guide

Photo Credit: Everlast Roofing Inc.

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