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With the holidays beginning their approach, this is the time to start planning your fall painting projects. By taking a little time now, you can save yourself some serious aggravation later in the year, when your schedule is packed with parties, family gatherings, and errands to run. Here are a few easy to finish painting projects that will have your home looking like a palace.

Consider a palette

Christmas fireplaceDo you want to stick with a couple neutral tones, some lighter, brighter colors for accents or a really bold color combination that makes your home’s interior or exterior pop? If available, use digital tools to try different paint colors on a picture of the project you’re considering, such as trying a bold blue and festive red in the living room or a pair of calming neutrals in the bathroom.

Trim it out.

By using a different color to highlight your trim, you’re drawing attention to your home’s features while enhancing its beauty. If you have a recessed section above a fireplace, consider painting it the same or a different color than the rest of the room to create the impression of a frame around artwork or a mirror.

Coordinate throughout.

Chalkboard painted wallIf it’s an option with your decor, try using one or two accent or trim paints throughout your home to tie your decorating together throughout. You can blend very different color schemes by having a soft but clear yellow in a room with autumnal colors and using the same color in your more neutral dining room and use it with brighter blues and oranges in your kitchen.

Add a communications center.

You’re not the only one who discovers a child’s school activity at the last moment. Consider painting in a chalkboard or similar erasable media to keep up with your family’s happenings during the holidays. Have some fun with bold colors to frame the communications center and make it pop.

Keep it clean.

Sure, you can pay a few dollars less to get a flat paint. But in a bathroom, kitchen or other heavily-used room, you’ll quickly find yourself repainting as the paint is very difficult to keep clean. Go for an eggshell or satin paint to keep cleaning and fuss down to a minimum while still avoiding the glare of semi-gloss, which should be reserved for trim or other areas that you’ll want to really scrub down the road.

Paint the furniture.

If you’re tired of that ancient TV console or dingy white desk, take the time now to put down a fresh coat of paint, change the hardware or add some glass to the doors to dress up your existing furniture into an exciting new design element. Don’t forget to strip, sand and prime any old finishes to ensure good adhesion and prevent old colors from bleeding through the new paint job. We supply paint from Ace Hardware, Valspar, Vermont Natural Coatings, CabotStains, Clark +Kensingtons and Sikkens.


By investing the time now to get these projects done a few at a time, you can spend your holiday time enjoying the beauty and spirit of the season instead of stressed out over everything you want to get done. If you need help finding the right paint or other materials for your project, Poulin Lumber, is here to help. Contact our painting experts by using the green button below – also available in person at any of our locations throughout Vermont – to get started.

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