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The Right Doors & Windows make all the Difference


While your house shouldn’t fall apart after a few decades, those Windows & Doors installed back in the 1980s – or earlier – have seen their share of storms. And it’s time to replace them with something better, newer, and stronger.

With all of those options out there, where do you turn?  What should you pay attention to when you’re trying to find the best Windows & Doors?

What to Look for in Replacement Doors

A well-maintained door should last longer than you do. Steel entry doors are durable, fire-resistant, and can last as long as 100 years. With this kind of door, you are more likely to see the framing around the door fail before you see the actual door break down.

The problem, however, is that steel doors are utilitarian, and don’t really show off your personality or flair. Instead, a fine wooden door, like those from Jen-Weld, looks better and has more customized options. When maintained, those wooden doors still last for decades.

So what do you look for, how do you choose, and with all of those options where do you even begin?

You begin with a door contractor that understands the climate, what your door will be put through, and proper door installation. Because even the highest quality door, improperly installed, will fail much sooner than it should.

When you talk with the Poulin Windows & Doors team, we work with you to find the right replacement door by reviewing these three areas:

  • Your budget – you don’t need the most expensive… unless you want the most expensive.
  • Your style – not everyone is excited about a solid wood entryway door.
  • Your goals – Are you fixing and flipping, or are you planning for this to be your forever home?

When we understand you we can get you the proper suggestions for your new doors.

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What to Look for in Replacement Windows

Windows, with their seals and moving parts, won’t last as long as doors.  In fact, most window contractors suggest that you upgrade every 15 to 20 years.

To get the most out of your windows, you have to start with a solid brand that understands how to construct a window that will withstand the test of time.  Here at Poulin, we love to work with brands that build quality products.

  • Andersen – Andersen Windows builds a window that withstands the test of time because they have withstood the test of time.  For over 115 years, this company has focused on quality windows for your home.
  • HarveyHarvey Windows are built to withstand the elements; especially those that a northern winter can throw at you.  When a window can handle a tough winter, it can handle just about anything.
  • Sierra PacificSierra Pacific Windows is all about making sure good wooden windows will always be a possibility.  They have their system set up to harvest healthy trees off of their own land, and then plant new trees after one is cut.

Like your replacement doors, your replacement windows need to match your budget, your style, and your needs.  Working with our Windows & Doors team at Poulin, we ensure the right fit every time.

When is it Time to Upgrade your Vermont Windows & Doors?

So how do you really know when it’s time to upgrade?  How do you know when you have hit that magical number where it makes sense to replace your Windows & Doors?

We’ve narrowed it down to four factors.

Damage: if your current Windows & Doors are suffering from rot or other damage; it’s time to get rid of the old and upgrade with something new.

Style: we all start somewhere.  If your style has changed and you want to swap those basic windows for something that looks awesome, then let’s change it up to showcase your personal style.

Comfort: old Windows & Doors are drafty.  If you’re not comfortable in your home, these are the first places to look to make things comfier.

Value: better Windows & Doors means that your home will increase in value.

You can always have replacement Windows & Doors installed just because you want to, of course.  We won’t stop you.

Understanding the Poulin Difference

When it comes to upgrading your Windows & Doors, Poulin is there to ensure it’s done the right way. From the very beginning – when we help you find Windows & Doors built with the highest quality building materials. To product delivery – before expert contractors complete your window installation or your door installation. And through our final walk-through – so your house will be safe, comfortable, and last for decades.

That’s the Poulin difference. We have been serving Vermont and the surrounding communities for decades; we plan to serve you for decades to come.

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