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It’s an easy trap to get stuck in – you decide you want replacement windows and then think you’re stuck with a cheap boring vinyl window that does nothing for your home’s appearance. But there is so much more you can do when changing out your home’s windows! Anderson Window’s Architectural Collection provides you with some beautiful alternatives to plain replacement windows, options that enhance your home’s appearance and melds with its architecture.

As leaders in the industry, Anderson Windows has spent decades combining engineering, design, ingenuity and art to develop windows that do much more than create a view of the outdoors. They create windows that meld with your home’s design, complimenting it rather than simply filling a space in the wall. Here’s a quick glance at the Architectural Window series:

Designer Aesthetics

Whether your home is an 18th century Federalist or a completely modern minimalist, Anderson has windows that not only work with your existing style, but takes it to a whole new level. The interior features three wood species, six different stains, two paint finishes or a primed finish to match your windows to existing interior trim, along with eleven different hardware finishes, creating hundreds of different combinations to meet your needs. The exterior is available with eleven different colors that can be mixed between the sash, frame and trim for a combination that is just as unique as your home. The glass can include a wide range of stained glass, grilles and architectural styles.

Superior Performance

Window letting light in

All the windows offered in this series features Anderson’s proprietary Low-E4 glass, which is up to 71% more efficient than standard dual-pane windows. In addition to saving energy, this glass has a special coating to reduce dirt from building up on the exterior, reducing the amount of cleaning required to maintain your beautiful view. The SmartSun glass option provides you while shielding your home from harmful UV rays that can fade your carpet, furniture and artwork while still letting in plenty of light to enjoy your home’s interior. If you have a southern or western exposure that is particularly problematic for light transmittance, the Sun glass option provides lower light transmittance, allowing you to enjoy the view without baking your home’s interior.

Dynamic Functionality

Anderson also puts a lot of thought into the functionality of each window, making sure you can enjoy life instead of fussing over the window’s details. Grilles are available in permanent, removable and between-the-glass options, making cleaning simple. TruScene insect screening allows you to better see the outdoors instead of shading out your view. Double-hung windows have the option of a full or half screen. Designed to withstand up to eight inches of rain in an hour or hurricane-force winds, allowing you to enjoy the storm without letting it in.

Replacement windows will remain an integral part of your home for years to come, so why not make an investment that improves your home’s overall value by reaching beyond the basics to replacement windows that truly bring out the best in your home. If you need help finding the right replacement windows for your home or have questions about some of the products carried at Poulin Lumber, our experienced associates are always ready to help.

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