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Planning your kitchen or bath can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes time to select your cabinetry. Fortunately, our Williamstown location has a new addition. Designer Elaine Fish has joined our staff and has been designing since August 2006, adding her expertise to the wide range of cabinetry options we have available. When you need to develop the perfect layout for your new home or renovation project, we’re happy to help you make it happen.


kitchen with barstoolsYorktowne’s American-built cabinets feature a strong warranty, covering the cabinets for the original owners for as long as they own their home. Produced by a family-owned business nearly a century old, the company focuses on using locally-sourced, sustainably-managed hardwoods to create well-designed cabinetry that will stand the test of time.


Design-Craft focuses on providing cabinets that increase storage space in an intelligent manner. This cabinet maker is a family-owned business that focuses on putting the same high-quality materials into their contemporary and modern lines that you’d expect from a traditional cabinet line. It features a limited lifetime warranty to provide peace of mind.


Decora maple cabinetsDecora cabinets feature a forward-focused design while still providing high-quality construction and performance. For life’s occasional bumps and scratches, the manufacturer offers a touch-up kit to repair small damages done in daily life. As with other limited lifetime warranties, it will cover the original owner while living in the home.

Diamond Distinctions:

When you’re willing to pay a little more for the best possible quality and design, Diamond’s Distinctions line provide you with the ultimate in performance and appearance. From one of America’s largest cabinetry manufacturers, the Distinctions line provides a 3/8″ plywood back which provides some of the best stability in the industry.

Diamond Vibe:

Diamond laundry cabinetsIf you’re looking for cabinets that help you stand out from the crowd, Diamond Vibe offers a wider range of colors and finishes while sticking to Diamond’s strong reputation for quality cabinetry. This line is just one more example of how Diamond does design, storage and organization as one of the best in the industry.

Wolf Classic:

If you want to work with a single manufacturer who can meet a wide range of budgets, Wolf Classic has something for everyone. The cabinets deliver a range of storage solutions and design features that work hard to beautify your kitchen. These American-made cabinets have a 98.2% accuracy rate in cabinets delivered to customers, ensuring you’ll get the right cabinets the first time.


Modern kitchenDo you need a custom cabinet look with the price of ready-made cabinetry? Echelon provides a semi-custom cabinetry service that gives you the best of both worlds. With an in-depth 17-step finishing process, Echelon does an exceptional job of bringing out every bit of beauty your cabinet’s wood can provide.

Additional Designers:

Because we want to offer our customers the best possible variety in cabinetry, we’ve also partnered with several other companies to increase your options. These include Bertch Cabinetry, Candlelight, Medallion, Wellborn Forrest, Kabinart, Mid-Continent and Fabuwood.

Because kitchen and bath cabinet planning is a big part of your construction budget for your project, having an experienced designer do the planning means you’re much more likely to avoid common issues with the results. Our design specialists are happy to help you with any planning issues you may come across in the process, just contact us today for more information. At Poulin Lumber, our job is keeping your project rolling ahead as smoothly as possible.
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