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When the weather just doesn’t work for outdoor home improvements, it’s time to move indoors for the day, the week or the season. But what should you do to give your home a fresh new look? Many homeowners find a huge difference when a room has had a makeover. Unlike a renovation, which can cost a lot and involve a lot of changes and expense, a makeover just touches on a few tasks at a time, keeping the project affordable and manageable while making a big change in appearance.

Try a new vanity

Bathroom sinksIs your vanity a bit aged? Why not replace it? Adding a new vanity can make a big difference in your overall bathroom appearance. If replacement isn’t in the budget, consider adding a coat of paint for a new look.

Sink it

Is the sink stained, chipped or just looking old? Replacing the sink is an easy way to add a different appearance to your bathroom. If you want to change the counter at the same time and want to look at vessel sinks, consider removing part of the vanity’s toe kick to lower the sink level.

Light it up

Tired of those old light fixtures that are too ordinary or don’t fit with the rest of your home’s appearance? It’s easy to change lights in your bathroom, just make sure you cut the electricity to that circuit first for safety.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Bathroom lightsWhen you want to add some bold color to your home but aren’t sure if you want to make that strong of a statement throughout, a bathroom paint job is a great place to start. Stick with a satin to make cleanup a breeze.

Change the hardware

Do you still have those plain, boring oak or nickel towel bars, clothing hooks and other hardware? With just a few minutes and a new package of hardware, you can change it out for something that really fits your style.

Replace the fixtures

Changing out the fixtures is a great way to quickly update your bathroom. Consider what metal you want to go with for the rest of the lights, hardware and fixtures to create a unified appearance. Consider low-flow for a better water bill.

Hit the floor

Modern bathroomChanging a bathroom floor is easier than ever. Though you’ll want to make sure you use a water-resistant flooring, floating laminate and vinyl floors are available in a wide range of looks. This makes it easy when you want tile in the upstairs bath without hauling ceramic up a flight of stairs.

Watch the moisture

Is everything fogged up when you finish a shower? If it is, you may need to add ventilation or upgrade your blower to improve moisture reduction in the bathroom. If you’re tearing up the floor or a major fixture, consider adding a membrane for better water resistance.

Add some extras

This is an easy way to add some class by adding crown molding, a bit of decorative tile on the wall, a heated towel rack or some painted details to dress up the area around the mirror.

By taking on a few of these ideas, you can quickly transform your bathroom with a completely different look. If you’re not sure exactly which materials or design aspects will work best for your bathroom makeover, the experienced associates at Poulin Lumber are here to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for additional information on our wide range of products or to place an order.

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