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When you want to add a touch of class or a new look for your home, mortarless stone veneer panels are a great way to go. They provide texture and depth in a wide range of areas. These panels are easy to install, simply mounting to a surface using fasteners. Here’s a quick overview of some design areas where you can incorporate mortarless stone veneer panels into the design and decor of your home or business with very little work or mess.

  • Entryways:

    Exterior stone veneer sidingWhen you’re trying to build strong curb appeal, adding mortarless stone veneer is a fast way to add to that appeal. Within a matter of hours, you can add beautiful textured stone to your structure’s entryway, making a strong first impression for visitors to your home, whether your visitors are prospective buyers or friends or family that are new to your home.

  • Accent Walls:

    A few years ago, an accent wall was just a wall painted a different color. Now it can encompass any number of different materials and techniques, including these easy to install panels. With an accent wall, you have the option of simply using your wall’s existing structure to hang these panels and instantly change its appearance with little mess to have to worry about after the job is done.

  • Backsplashes:

    Exterior stone veneer backsplashWant to add some texture and depth to your kitchen or bathroom? When you’re stuck with a boring backsplash, these panels make it very easy to quickly upgrade the appearance of your backsplashes. Whether it’s a shorter height only a single panel high or an accent that goes all the way to the ceiling behind a bathroom vanity, this is a great way to update your home’s look.

  • Exterior Doorways:

    Beyond the entryway, you can include these stone panels around your other exterior doorways, whether to accent a nice patio door or balance your home’s exterior by adding them around garage doors. These allow you to quickly add aspects of the outdoors near the entrances to your home, allowing you to more closely integrate your home’s interior and exterior aspects.

  • Outdoor Spaces:

    What about your home’s actual exterior spaces? You can add mortarless stone veneer panels in a number of different areas to upgrade or enhance your porch, islands, outdoor kitchen or other spaces. They can be added around columns to instantly dress them up, to porch walls to deliver more durable surfaces or to take an otherwise ho-hum outdoor space and vastly improve it quickly.

  • Fireplaces:

    Interior stone veneer fireplace
    Nothing beats the warm, natural appearance of natural stone with a crackling, welcoming fire. Whether your current fireplace has cold, formal tile or just a plain, boring appearance, mortarless stone panels instantly improve the appearance of your fireplace without a lot of messy, difficult work and backbreaking labor involved.

By considering the ways you can use mortarless stone veneer panels into the interior design of your home, you can quickly change the appearance of a number of different aspects of its appearance. But what if you’re not quite sure whether these easy to use panels will work well for your specific project? The experienced professionals at Poulin Lumber are ready to help you find the right solutions for your projects. Please feel free to reach out today to learn more or with any questions.

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