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From Planning to Sales to Installation:
Poulin Windows & Doors Does it All

Construction projects are hard work.

Combine that with the fact that you end up spending most of your time trying to manage the variety of teams that are all involved with the process, and you’re probably ripping your hair out from the stress.

We get it.  We’ve seen it a lot.  And that’s why Poulin Windows and Doors of Vermont is structured a little bit differently.

Our goal is to take you from start to finish, with the least amount of stress possible.  We do that by putting the focus on service that starts before the project even begins.

4 Reasons Why You Need the Experts

Finding the right contractor for your project doesn’t have to be difficult.  When you have so many choices, it’s important to remember that the best service comes from a company that has seen a lot.

One-Stop-Shop:  When planning a project, you don’t have to run all over town to get what you need.  Just come to the experts at Poulin Windows and Doors.  We’ll help you with your building estimates, ordering the right supplies, delivery, and installation.  Less leg work and a smoother install on your brand new windows and doors.

Windows & Doors for Everyone:  No matter your budget or your style, we have an option for you.  From something that’s quality, but affordable, on up to the most luxurious of the luxury items, Poulin knows what will work well with your building project.

Delivered to You:  Many people choose to head over the big box stores to get building products.  But in our experience, you don’t get the best product, and you end up paying extra for delivery that’s often just dropped on your driveway.  A better option: we have 16 fleet vehicles, and trucks with up to 75 foot boom arms.  We not only deliver, but we deliver to exactly where the product needs to go.

We’ve Been Around:  Over the years, contractors come and go.  Those stores supplying building materials pop up and fade from existence.  Often, it’s because they aren’t that good at customer service, or they weren’t prepared for the ups and downs of business.  Poulin has been operating in Vermont since 1936; we’ve weathered the storms and will be here through this project and those you have in years to come.

We do Better than the Big Box Stores

When you have so many choices, why opt for a window and door company in Vermont?  There are cheaper products out there (although in the window and door industry, you get what you pay for), so what’s the Poulin difference?

It comes down to where we’re focused.  We’re not concerned with selling you some windows and doors and then ushering you out the door.

We’re concerned with making sure your entire project is a success.  That’s why we love to be there from the planning through the completion; whatever step you’re at, we’re here to help.

Because we know that if we just sell you windows and doors, we’ve only sold you windows and doors.  But that joy that comes with a completed project – one that’s done the right way, on budget, and on time – that’s what being in this business is all about.  We want to share that joy with you, and we know that the service you get from Poulin is going to make it even better.

Let Poulin Windows and Doors Take the Stress out of Your Projects

Remodeling projects, building projects, and upgrades are all going to be stressful.  Why compound that stress by trying to manage a bunch of different contractors, suppliers, and installation crews?

Poulin Windows and Doors serves communities around Vermont, helping to reduce the stress that comes with these construction projects.  Our experts know what needs to be done and when, because we’ve done a lot of these projects in the past.

Are you ready to get your project done with less stress?

Then you’re ready for the Poulin team.

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