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The Latest Window Technology for your Vermont Home

Sierra Pacific has long maintained the reputation as one of the best window manufacturers around.  With a particular attention to quality, and largely sustainable manufacturing processes, it’s no wonder that people love these beautiful windows that are built to last.

It’s not good enough to build the best windows on the market.  They’re constantly innovating to improve those windows for a superior look and protection.

Enter the H3 Fusion Technology.

What is H3 Fusion Technology?

The bulk of what H3 Fusion is all about is a trade secret that Sierra Pacific holds onto tightly.  When you discover a new innovation, others will copy your success.  If you can keep it your own for as long as possible, you stay out in front.

The H3 indicates the three materials used to make these outstanding windows: aluminum, vinyl, and wood.  Most of the windows on the market, no matter the manufacturer, use these materials (fiberglass being the fourth option).  Sierra Pacific, set on having the most innovative windows on the market, doesn’t just pick a material; they use all three.

Fusion Technology is their patented design process that meshes all three materials into one window.  The result is a window that’s extremely durable, easy to install, and energy-efficient.

Why You Need H3 Fusion Windows on your Home

H3 Fusion Tech is the most advanced method of making windows around.  But what does it mean when a window is advanced?

DurableCombining products means you get the durability of aluminum and vinyl.  These materials can stand up to the elements and won’t wear out as quickly as similar products made without them.

Beautiful Sierra Pacific is known for their beautiful wood windows.  When this window is closed all metal and vinyl components are hidden.

Efficient – Using the three components the best of all worlds are incorporated into one final product.  The result is a window with maximum efficiency and a tight seal against the elements.

Unique – With a virtually unlimited number of customization options, all coming together with a window like no other, your home is like no other.

By bringing these amazing qualities together into one product, Sierra Pacific paved the way to a new era of windows. It’s an era that will make homes better and longer lasting.

Find H3 Fusion Windows and Doors at Poulin

When you’re getting windows and doors with cutting-edge technology, you need a supplier with cutting-edge service.

That’s the Poulin difference.

You get to work with the same team throughout the process.  From those that help you find the right product, to those who organize delivery and installation, to wrapping everything up when it’s all done; you don’t have to wonder who to contact because you know you have a dedicated project team for your project.

There’s no need to even find your own contractor.  Poulin has an installation team trained on the exact methods necessary to install any product we sell.  So you know that the work is done on time and the right way.

 With four locations around Vermont, and delivery available, your project gets done with Poulin.

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