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When you’re trying to seal in a building envelope, time is not your friend. Weather changes, construction deadlines and last-minute changes can make it difficult if not impossible to complete the process before damage can potentially occur on the project, costing a significant amount of your profits to repair. Flashing for your weatherization system, whether you use on-panel Zip System or building wrap systems such as AdvanTech, can be a serious pain, especially when you need to work around a range of projections and openings, such as wall penetrations, curved doorways, window sills and similar vulnerable areas. Fortunately, there’s an easier material available to get your flashing needs in hand without a lot of extra cutting and piecing. Here’s a quick look at how Zip System’s Stretch Tape can help you finish your project’s building envelope quickly and effectively.

Available in 3″, 6″ and 10″ widths in a variety of roll lengths, Zip System’s Stretch Tape is a versatile option for a number of wall penetration situations. It features a simple application process that takes only a few minutes to pick up and apply at the job site. You simply need to cut a piece of Stretch Tape of the appropriate width to a length about a foot longer than your application space. As an example, for a window sill, you would cut enough tape to extend 6″ up each side of the sill. You then remove one-half of the backing paper and center it on the sill, pressing from the center of the sill towards the edges and corners. You’ll then remove the other half of the backing paper to press into place on the other side of the sill, pressing the excess tape down onto the facing of the wall and stretching the tape at the corners to complete the installation.

There are a few key aspects of Stretch Tape that provide unique benefits on the construction site:

Works on a variety of surfaces:
Unlike some products that only stick to a small range of surfaces, Stretch Tape is designed to work on almost any surface. It can be used to create a weather-tight seal between surfaces, including wood, masonry block, concrete, metal, PVC, glass, EPDM, FRP and a range of other materials.
 Nothing is as frustrating as getting a piece of flashing tape in place and realizing that it’s not in the right position, or having it stick onto itself, forcing you to waste material. Many types of flashing tape are virtually impossible to move once they’ve been laid in position, but Stretch Tape remains repositionable for a reasonable period of time.
 Applies in below-freezing temperatures:
 Construction doesn’t stop just because it’s cold out, and New England’s winters can be some of the coldest in the country. Though many adhesive products do not work well below freezing, the special formulation in Stretch Tape allows for usage down to 0ºF.
Solid weather barrier:
If you’ve chosen to use Zip System weatherization panels for your project, there’s no tape better suited to seal the seams in the system, or cover any accidental nicks, scratches or cuts that have appeared due to rough handling or accidents on the job site. It’s designed specifically to work seamlessly for a quality weathertight building envelope.
Has exceptional acrylic adhesion:
Though butyl and asphalt products tend to provide one of the best bonds and seals in the industry, Stretch Tape has superior performance in most situations. This allows you to achieve a strong, tight, effective seal around a range of wall system protrusions, including building fasteners.
Includes a 180-day exposure guarantee:
There are a number of different materials that are on the market to seal up a building envelope, but they can offer a range of effectiveness and durability in severe weather. Stretch Tape is designed to hold up well for almost a half-year of exposure in the weather, giving you the additional time you need to get the job done right.

Finishing in your project’s building envelope doesn’t have to be a major pain. By simply switching to a stretchy tape flashing system like Zip System’s Stretch Tape, you can quickly take care of those problem areas on your building envelope without a lot of extra time and effort spent in the process. If you’re not sure whether Zip System’s Stretch Tape will work for your application, the experienced associates at Poulin Lumber can help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for more details or to place an order for all of your building supply needs.

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