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The projects you put together are an investment of your time, effort and money. When you use wood connectors, you can reinforce your projects and provide a little extra security in your investment. At Poulin Lumber, we carry a wide range of Simpson Strong Tie’s wood connectors, fasteners and anchors, which are some of the best in the industry. Here’s a quick look at the company and how its products can provide you with a stronger structure and beautiful appearance.

Wood Connectors

Wood ConnectorsWhether you’re looking for amazingly strong straps, ties or hangers or need something that will add architectural beauty as well as strength to your latest project, Simpson’s line of wood connectors provide a wide world of options. Their sawn lumber connections provide durable, long-lasting support to your framing work. The black, old-iron look of their Outdoor Accents collection helps dress up your new pergola or any number of other areas where you want your connectors to make a statement. For special environments, Simpson offers a wide range of wood connectors available in stainless steel.

Anchoring System

Anchoring SystemShortly after entering the market sector in 1994, Simpson quickly earned a name for innovative anchoring systems and products. When you need to keep your project in place, Simpson offers a range of anchoring adhesives, mechanical anchors, direct fasteners and restorative solutions to get the job done. Their epoxy-based adhesive anchors work well to provide extra security for rebar, threaded rod, smooth dowels and many more options into a wide range of base materials, even in overly-wet concrete. Their mechanical anchors are able to deal with a wide range of substrate materials and circumstances, while their wide range of powder-actuated direct fasteners help you get the job done quickly. When you’re just trying to fix what’s broken in your structure, Simpson’s restorative products provide a range of two-part injectable epoxies and ties that help keep it together longer.

Solid Fasteners

Solid FastenersYour project is only as strong as the fasteners that hold it together. That’s why Simpson’s range of screws, nails, collated nails and Quick-Drive system fasteners help you get the job done right the first time. Part of that is the development process, where Simpson employs PhDs, engineers, and metallurgists to ensure that every fastener they design doesn’t just do the job well, it does it better. Their Strong-Drive exterior screws include framing, timber and stainless steel options, while their Deck Drive premium decking screws are designed to deal well with a wide range of substrates. They’re also near the top of the class in faster fastener solutions for their Quik Drive Auto-Feed system of screws, providing you with better options in terms of speed while giving you better security than a nail gun. They’re available for subfloors, decking, steel decking and multi-purpose systems, delivering fast, strong performance. The company also offers a wide range of collated nails and staples, all designed with Simpson Strong Tie’s dedication to superior quality and strength.

When you use Simpson Strong Tie’s variety of wood connectors, anchoring systems and rock-solid fasteners in your projects, you’re building a strong, long-lasting future for your project. If you’re not quite sure which product would work best for your design, please feel free to come in or contact one of our experienced professionals today. At Poulin Lumber, our job is helping make your job go faster and easier.

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