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LP SmartSide Siding

House with a TAMKO Heritage Woodgate Cabin Wood Brown Roof
House with a TAMKO Heritage Black Walnut Roof

Want the impact-resistant qualities of wood combined with the maintenance ease of vinyl? If you do want the best of both worlds, the range of quality siding and trim products available from LP SmartSide. These high-quality engineered wood products deliver strong performance and easy care year after year.

Trim, shakes, vertical panels, traditional siding, soffit panels: the range of products offered by LP SmartSide makes it easy to finish your project with a number of thoughtful features that make installation a breeze.

LP Smartside siding application instructions for all our LP Smartside

The Benefits of Engineered Wood Materials

Impressive Design

When you want superior protection from hail, moisture, fungus, termites and wind, these high-quality engineered wood materials provide strong performance through the proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process.

Durable Materials

The SmartGuard® four-part process makes this one of the most durable materials on the market.

Versatile Beauty

LP’s wide range of products is there to complement virtually any architectural style in a high-performance, low-maintenance format.

Easy Workability

Lighter weight and lengths up to 16 feet may result in fewer seams and translate into less waste on the jobsite.

Amazing Warranty

LP® SmartSide® materials feature an industry-leading 5/50-year limited warranty to provide peace of mind.

How LP SmartSide Siding Is Made

Lap Siding

The original wood siding was logs split with a wedge until it was in thin enough sections to install, requiring yearly painting. Vinyl siding replaced higher-maintenance options, but at the expense of impact resistance. LP SmartSide’s quality engineered wood siding delivers high impact resistance paired with an easy, low-maintenance finish that will last for years to come.

Advanced Durability

A unique four-part process locks in performance.

16′ Length

Easier worksite installation with less unnecessary waste.

Fewer Seams

Faster installation with a more customized appearance.

Versatile Options

Available in a range of colors and profiles to match.

Solid Warranty

It comes with an industry-leading 5/50 year warranty.

Panel & Vertical Siding

Tired of the same old shiplap and Dutch lap siding? LP SmartSide offers a wide range of panel and vertical siding possibilities that will open up your options. Available in larger panels, the lightweight materials allows for fast, easy installation. The vertical orientation provides opportunities to work with a much wider range of architectural styles than were available in the past.

Durable Performance

Specially engineered to deliver long-lasting strength.

Easy Installation

Long pieces and a light weight make installation simple.

Lightweight Strength

Lighter than wood, but much more durable than vinyl.

Amazing Warranty

Industry-leading 5/50 limited warranty for peace of mind.

Shingle & Shakes

If your idea of great siding is the texture delivered by a traditional shingle or shake look, the high-quality siding options available from LP SmartSide will give you plenty of possibilities to consider. Featuring a no-knot, fine-sawn texture, this siding delivers strong durability without the high maintenance that traditional materials require.

Advanced Endurance

The long-lasting performance of LP SmartSide is second to none.

Exceptional Versatility

The shakes and shingles are produced in a range of profiles and colors.

Peace of Mind

An industry-leading warranty provides limited coverage for 5/50 years.

Trim & Fascia

Durable engineered wood trim and fascia boards make it easy to finish up your project quickly, while the industry-leading warranty provides unparalleled peace of mind. Available in three different finish options, you can easily cut and install the trim you need without the headaches involved with vinyl or traditional wood trim and fascia boards.

Installation Instructions

Enduring Performance

Engineered wood performance delivers long-lasting results.

Long 16 Foot Boards

Longer boards mean less piecing and faster installation.

Infrequent Seams

Lower job site waste and create a customized appearance.

Architectural Versatility

Two-sided boards let you stock one type for everything.

Industry-Leading Warranty

An unheard of 5/50 year limited warranty coverage.


Available in textured and smooth, vented and solid, the engineered wood soffit boards available from LP SmartSide deliver strong results for many years to come. Delivering superior strength and durability over vinyl and significantly lower maintenance than traditional wood soffit boards, this material is the best of both worlds.

Installation Documents

Advanced Performance

Modern engineered wood delivers strong results for many years.

Range of Versatility

Available in vented, unvented, smooth and textured formats.

Outstanding Warranty

Get solid peace of mind with industry-leading warranty coverage.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding Color Inspirations

LP SmartSide has drawn from some of the best architectural trends to choose their pre-finished palette, including classic white tones, dark-on-dark natural shades and a wide range of cool and warm tones. Their products are available in a number of different profiles and configurations, providing you with the right options for your projects. All materials can be finished to custom colors of your choosing, providing you with an entire world of possible choices.

Poulin Is Here to Help!

Discovering the perfect combination of exterior finishes is a tough job, requiring you to find the right match of appearance and durability. Our experienced associates are always happy to help you navigate Poulin Lumber’s selection of innovative, high-quality building materials to find your perfect solution.

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