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Once the purview of agriculture, warehouses and hunting shacks, the use of metal in construction has taken off over the past couple of decades. Providing an efficient, economical but still beautiful appearance to buildings, metal roofing and sheathing has become popular in a wide range of modern architectural purposes.

At Poulin Lumber, we’re proud to have partnered with one of the industry’s leaders: Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. As part of our dedication to delivering the highest-quality building materials at affordable prices, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation has been a great fit for our commercial, residential and agricultural clients over the years. Learn more about these exceptional products below.

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Metal Sales™ Manufacturing Corporation

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation has been in business for over half a century, developing unique solutions for a wide range of construction needs. The company was started on a relatively simple premise: to deliver the highest-quality custom metal siding and roofing solutions. Starting with rural construction, their products have branched out over the years to include a dizzying array of options.

Why Metal?

Metal provides a wide range of benefits that many architects and builders are just beginning to realize. It’s energy-efficient, lasts a very long time, boosts resale value, lowers insurance premiums, looks beautiful, is virtually maintenance-free and is an environmentally-friendly product.

Why Choose Metal Sales Manufacturing?

With 21 manufacturing facilities throughout America, Metal Sales can serve every sector of the building market across the country, even Alaska. Metal Sales’ roof and wall products are high-quality products that can meet every project need. From big-budget architectural projects, to farms, to rural and suburban homes, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation has your project covered.

Metal Sales Agricultural Roofing

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation’s first client was rural American agriculture, a heritage the company has held fast to for over five decades. Their philosophy of only providing the best-quality custom metal siding and roofing products is what has helped them become a preferred brand by builders. Though other metal manufacturers come and go, this dedication to quality will keep Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation in operation for decades to come.

Featured Product

Drip-Shield – Condensation Control Solution

When it’s warm inside and cold outside, condensation can form on your metal roof’s interior. To protect your livestock, vehicles, equipment or other valuable assets, Drip-Shield provides exceptional solutions. Containing a medium that traps and holds condensation until temperatures rise above the dew point, moisture is kept away from your assets until they can be released as humidity into the air. This makes it an excellent solution for agricultural buildings, barns, self-storage facilities, vehicle storage and any number of other structures.

Explore Metal Sales Agricultural Metal Panel Products

Designed to meet the specific needs of agriculture, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation’s Roofing and Siding systems deliver hard-working building materials that will look good and provide strong results for generations, without a lot of extra work. With some of the most durable and diverse selections in the industry, their products work well for pole barns, silos, garages, ranch houses and other farm structures.

Metal Sales Residential Roofing

Reroofing is a pain, yet most homeowners purchase shingles that will last 20 years at most. Wouldn’t you rather replace a roof once and be done with it?

Metal roofing options from Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation give you a much more permanent solution. Learn more about the advantages of metal roofing below and why metal roofing is the fastest-growing roofing material on the market.  

Featured Product 

Terrabella Panels

For a durable, low-maintenance and damage-resistant roof, Terrabella delivers strong results. Its innovative manufacturing process and composition creates a material that will stand up longer against severe weather challenges.

Terrabella is lightweight, but it won’t break, crack or change appearance during its lifespan. By coating galvalume steel with acrylic, the roofing material delivers optimal long-term resistance to corrosion.

Explore Metal Sales Residential Metal Panel Products

Designed with the specific needs of homeowners in mind, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation’s residential roofing and wall panels deliver strong, good-looking performance with minimal maintenance. With one of the most durable, artistically unique selection of residential panels, you can rest assured that your home will be just as unique as the people who live there.

Metal Sales Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings demand the very best, with the heavier-gauge panels, tougher finishes, long lifespans and better energy efficiency that make Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation’s an industry leader. Available in 100 Energy Star approved colors, you’ll be able to match the architecture and finishes of your commercial project quickly and easily.

Featured Product

T-Armor Series™ Structural Standing Seam Roof System

T-Armor Series™ structural standing seam roof system from Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation achieves a new pinnacle in long-term performance, installation ease and design flexibility. Whether for new construction or retrofit, T-Armor Series delivers inspired solutions in standing seam metal roofing.

Explore Metal Sales Commercial Metal Panel Products

The wide range of Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation commercial products and design options will allow you and your team to meet or surpass design objectives and building codes and standards for architect-designed buildings including schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, government buildings, offices, civic centers, stadiums, arenas, museums, churches, shopping complexes, transit facilities, warehouses and more.

We’re Here to Help

At Poulin Lumber, our dedication to providing our customers with the best building products on the market is second to none, and our partnership with Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation reflects that dedication. If you have questions about Metal Sales’ products, need more information or would like help placing an order, our experienced professional associates are ready to help. Please feel free to contact Poulin Lumber today for all of your building needs.

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