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At Poulin Lumber, we’re proud to provide our customers with the best quality materials available at affordable prices. As a top innovator and manufacturer of metal roofing products, Everlast Roofing is one of the best in the industry. Their dedication to providing customers with premium metal roofing that will provide decades of reliable service starts in their research and development department and extends all the way through to their extensive after-market testing. Their mission is to keep pushing the boundaries of metal roofing technology in order to produce a product that is superior in every way.

This dedication has developed AZM® with Activate Technology and COLORBOND®, with two decades spent outperforming every competitor in accelerated lab and real-world harsh-environment exposure tests. It’s the only company offering these options in North America. That’s why we’re so happy to provide this quality product for your roof. Please feel free to contact Poulin Lumber with any questions or to place an order.

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The latest generation of Everlast Roofing products includes AZM® with Activate Technology and COLORBOND®:

AZM® with Activate Technology

Setting a new industry standard, AZM® with Activate Technology adds magnesium into the usual zinc-aluminum coating for superior corrosion control. By creating a chemical reaction between the magnesium and aluminum, the mix activates sacrificial characteristics that are not available in other compounds, resulting in a product with self-sealing action.


Consisting of a mix of specialized pretreatments and proprietary paint, COLORBOND® incorporates a polymer primer and a ceramic finish coat which is then oven-cured to ensure superior film integrity and adhesion while reducing chipping, cracking and peeling. The solar-reflective pigments in the finish coat helps conserve energy while offering superior resistance to dirt retention, chalking, corrosion and color fading while delivering a beautiful, glossy finish.

Everlast Agricultural Roofing

Designed to be dependable, durable and affordable, Everlast’s agricultural roofing options provide years of virtually maintenance-free beauty. With a wide range of available colors and features, you’ll be able to select the right Everlast Roofing for virtually any agricultural need. There are three main roofing and siding options available for use in agricultural purposes, including Everlast II™, Everdrain™, and Twin Rib.


Offering a board-and-batten type of appearance, Everlast II™ provides you with a sharp, neat, symmetrical look to your agricultural buildings. Its energy efficiency makes this an excellent solutions for virtually all agricultural structure projects. With easy installation and a weathertight seal between the interlocking panels, this product also includes a deep anti-siphon groove to help avoid leakage issues.


With a similar board-and-batten appearance to Everlast II™, Everdrain™ does an excellent job of complementing every agricultural building project with interlocking panels that can provide your structure with a weathertight seal. However, it also includes a deep drain channel to protect against leakage into your structure while offering a range of fire-, wind- and water-resistant properties to help you avoid damage while saving energy.


For a greener option, Twin Rib’s 100% recyclable aluminum structure includes an exposed fastener system for fast, easy installation. This makes them ideal for when you need to get a new agricultural structure up quickly. Available in a 0.75″ rib height, the panels provide 36″ width of coverage for easy handling. They’re energy efficient and are able to withstand damage from fire, water and wind.

Everlast Town & Country Roofing

Offering a beautiful appearance with low maintenance and strong durability, the Town & Country line is available in three primary roofing options: Everlast II™, Everdrain™ and PBR™ Panel. Offering energy efficiency and wind-, fire- and water resistance, you can learn more by contacting one of Poulin’s experienced associates today.


Creating an attractive board-and-batten appearance, Everlast II™ has a clean look available in a wide range of colors. Interlocking panels deliver a watertight seal, while the deep antisiphon grooves work well to provide additional levels of protection for your post-frame structure. With a stiffener incorporated into every major rib, each panel is very strong, delivering years of reliable service.


With exposed-fastener panels for faster installation, Everdrain™ is available in numerous colors to match your palette. The symmetrical pattern of interlocking panels delivers an elegant look of board-and-batten structure while delivering long-lasting, weathertight performance. The deep antisiphon grooves and incorporated snow- and ice-shedding properties defend against leaks.


Available for roofing, siding and interior lining panels, the Everlast PBR™ Panel comes in solid 26-gauge panels in a wide range of available colors. Unlike many other metal panels, it’s adaptive to lower pitches, as low as 1:12, making it a great option to consider for a much wider range of building projects.

Everlast Residential Roofing

With a beautiful appearance and almost no maintenance, Everlast’s metal roofing options are very popular for homes. The manufacturer offers three energy-efficient metal roofing options available for this use: Everlast II™, Everloc™, and Everseam™. Do you want to find out whether Everlast Roofing are good options for your home? Contact a friendly, knowledgeable Poulin representative today to find out.


The exposed-fastener panels in the Everlast II™ line do an excellent job of complementing existing architecture with a clean board-and-batten appearance and a wide range of colors. The metal panels interlock for water and wind resistance, creating a weathertight seal. The integrated deep antisiphon grooves help improve this quality, while sound-deadening features reduce outdoor noise for a quiet, peaceful home.


Made of high-strength steel manufactured in the United States, Everseam™ delivers strength and durability to provide long-lasting attractiveness in an easy-to-install concealed fastener panel. Providing an elegant choice, Everseam™’s traditional-seam metal roofing guards against shrinking, erosion and cracking while resisting water, wind and fire, giving you a beautiful roof for decades to come.


Using a slotted leg for fasteneing, the Everloc™ roofing system delivers elegant, traditional design. Resembling a standing-seam roof, this roofing option provides a stylish appearance without the additional labor of clips and seaming tools. An economical option, they work well in residential roofing, fascia and mansard applications. Their high-quality, strong steel construction prevents cracks, shrinking or erosion.

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Here at Poulin Lumber, we’re proud to offer the best products for all your roofing needs, and we feel that Everlast Roofing materials exceed all expectations. If you have product questions or want to place an order, please feel free to contact Poulin Lumber today and let us know what you need!

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