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Having been around nearly as long as Poulin Building Materials, IKO’s shingles show the same dedication to superior quality that we’ve always appreciated. Started in 1951, the single company has used engineering and state-of-the-art technology in every shingle they produce, priding themselves on producing top-quality shingles, a continuous innovation process and high-tech production facilities.

This has grown the company to be one of the world’s largest asphalt shingle exporters. Using some of the heaviest fiberglass mats available, their asphalt roofing shingles are durable and long-lasting. The company has employeed over 3,500 people at over 25 production facilities and shipped their roofing products to nearly 100 countries worldwide. IKO is a trusted, time-tested, international brand you can count on.

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IKO Dynasty Performance Laminated Shingles

At Poulin Building Materials, we’re proud to provide IKO Dynasty shingles for our customers. Their amazing color options help you harmonize your home to its natural environment or stand out from the crowd, a beauty you can see in every shingle.

When you add in IKO’s PRO4 roofing accessories, you can rest assured that your new roof is designed to protect you, your loved ones and your possessions from all of life’s storms.

Why Dynasty Shingles?

Why does Poulin Building Materials promote IKO’s Dynasty shingles? By simply picking one up, you can feel the quality in your hand. The heavy-duty, oversized shingles serve as your home’s first defense against everything nature can throw at it. With the addition of the ArmourZone, Dynasty shingles have been engineered to withstand winds up to 130 MPH (210 kmh). But that’s not where these shingles stop:

1. Built-In Algae Resistance

IKO embeds special copper-coated grains into Dynasty shingles, which helps to inhibit blue-green algae growth. This algae can cause staining, streaking and unsightly discoloration, so this addition keeps your new roof looking beautiful for much longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

2. An Exceptional Bonding Experience

Tired of shingles that lift up, bend and break off? IKO’s shingles include the Fastlock™ sealant strip along the bottom of every shingle. When the sun heats the shingles up, the strips become very tacky, sealing each shingle to the next one for a strong, long-lasting bond.

3. Tear-resistant ArmourZone

Behind every Dynasty shingle, you’ll see a strip of tear-resistant tape that reinforces the shingle, preventing nail pull-through and blow-off issues. The 1-1/4″ nailing surface on the front of each shingles provides a guide for roofers to know where to place their nails to improve installation time and strength.

4. A Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Mat

With one of the highest-strength fiberglass mats in the industry, Dynasty shingles are coated on both sides with weathering asphalt, then surfaced with protective granules for amazing integrity that will stand the test of time.

IKO Dynasty Color Options

IKO Dynasty is available in 15 beautiful shades to match virtually every home’s architectural colors:

IKO Dynasty Accessories

It’s not just the shingles alone that protect your home – it takes an entire system. IKO’s dedication to improvement has created a superior multi-layered roofing system. Incorporating their cutting-edge products, each item is designed to protect the roof deck, eaves and other vulnerable areas from water penetration. You’re counting on your new roof to defend your home and your family for years to come, and there’s no place for compromise. Make sure that you make that investment a solid one that will provide that level of protection.

To complete your Dynasty roof system, we recommend these accessories:

  • IKO ArmourGard Eave Protection
  • IKO RoofGard-Cool Grey Underlayment
  • IKO Leading Edge Plus Starter Strips
  • and IKO UltraHP or IKO UltraHP IR ridge cap shingles

IKO’s ArmourGard is a ice and water protection barrier that prevents water penetration under your shingles that can happen when ice dams develop or you have wind-driven rain. It works around chimneys, vent stacks, dormer edges, skylights and other structures or apertures through the roof as an underlayment. It also works around doors and windows or as an outside vapor barrier for foundations.

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RoofGard-Cool Grey

As IKO’s first synthetic underlayment, RoofGard-Cool Grey is a pioneer, with advances from the company’s experience in its decades of traditional underlayment manufacture. This process has developed a strong, reliable product tough enough to serve as the foundation for your shingle installation instead of settling for second-best.

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IKO Leading Edge Plus™

No matter what shingles you use, starter shingles are a necessity. IKO’s Leading Edge Plus makes efficient use of material, as each shingle strip gives you two leading edges that are easy to separate along the pre-perforated line. The company’s high-strength, thermally-activated sealant is included on every strip, giving you strong wind resistance on the vital first shingle course.

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IKO UltraHP®/UltraHP® IR

Why use cut-up shingles on the ridge, which tends to catch the most wind? IKO’s HP, or High Profile, line of specialty ridge-cap shingles provide you with a better option. They also provide a refined appearance to your home, adding an architectural feel to your roofline, by adding texture, dimension and depth to your home’s rakes and roofline.

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Poulin Is Here to Help!

Finding the right asphalt shingle roofing has its own set of challenges. Not only are you trying to find a beautiful product, but it must handle the rigors of unpredictable outdoor weather. At Poulin Lumber, we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative, top-quality products the industry has to offer. Whether that’s top-notch asphalt shingles or a durable ice and water shield, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started.

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