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TAMKO Asphalt Shingles

House with a TAMKO Heritage Vintage Fossil Grey Roof
House with a TAMKO Heritage Woodgate Cabin Wood Brown Roof
House with a TAMKO Heritage Black Walnut Roof

First introduced at the end of World War II, TAMKO’s asphalt shingle division has always had a strong dedication to moving the industry as a whole into the future through high-quality building products. They produce a wide range of residential and commercial waterproofing products, different cements, coatings, and roofing materials. Keep reading to learn more about their exceptional line of roofing products.

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TAMKO Asphalt Shingles

Your home’s curb appeal starts outdoors, and that means a roof that compliments its appearance. TAMKO’s variety of colors and styles in asphalt shingles help with this process, allowing your home’s roof to blend in or stand out through wide range of understated and bold colors to meet every need and meet your personal taste.

But what good is the appearance of a roof if it doesn’t get the job done? TAMKO’s selection of high-quality asphalt shingles, roofing accessories, above- and below-grade coatings, cements and waterproofing materials makes it easy to have all of the materials you need to keep your home comfortable and dry. Their line of professional products brings quality home.

Heritage/Heritage Premium

TAMKO’s Heritage and Heritage Premium line feature high-quality laminated asphalt shingles at the core of their design. With a wide range of color options designed to complement your home, you can choose from a range of warm, intense tones from their America’s Natural Colors® line. Taking their colors from a range of wood tones, slate greys and other natural tones, they do a wonderful job of enhancing your home’s setting.

Do you prefer classic tones that set off your home’s architectural beauty? The Heritage and Heritage Premium line also has TAMKO’s Heritage® Classic Colors, a wide range of bold tones that help set your home off from the background and make it, and its architecture, stand out from the crowd and improve curb appeal. Elegant reds, warm earth tones and lovely greys add to your home’s unique appearance.

Heritage/Heritage Premium Color Options

Heritage IR

When you need solid impact resistance, whether it’s from high winds, hail or your teenage son’s poor basketball aim over the garage roof, Heritage IR provides solid results while delivering outstanding beauty. Classified for UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance, this line of TAMKO shingles delivers the same color and style you love from the Heritage line.

At the heart of the Heritage IR is a strong, laminated fiberglass shingle which features a secondary polyester mat. This mat doubles the reinforcement of both the sawtooth and common bond areas while reinforcing the shingle as a whole. The IR series is also available in Heritage Hip and Ridge IR options to provide you with complete protection of your house.

Heritage IR Color Options

Heritage Woodgate

When you want a more rugged appearance of wood shakes while still retaining a refined edge, Heritage Woodgate delivers strong results. A wider profile delivers a more realistic wood shake appearance and shaded tones without compromising the overall performance of these high-quality shingles, delivering the quality your home and family deserves.

The Heritage Woodgate series is available in a range of woody browns, smoky grey tones and deep red shades to complement your home’s exterior and surroundings. Adding amazing curb appeal and historical charm, the Woodgate series’ is perfect for log cabins, historic homes or just adding a touch of the refined outdoors to your home’s exterior to blend it into a natural backdrop.

Heritage Woodgate Color Options

Heritage Vintage

When you need to add the appearance of real wood shakes to your home without the potential for related leakage and durability issues, the Heritage Vintage line from TAMKO delivers strong results and amazing curb appeal. It features deep shadows that are naturally created due to its longer depth and angular lines, adding strong dimensions to your roof that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

The Heritage Vintage line makes it easy to complement your home’s appearance with a bold new look, while still adding high-quality weather resistance. The unique angle of this line of shingles creates natural shadows in its depths, increasing its shake-like appearance with randomized shapes, shades and overall look. This line is available in a range of greys and woodtones to match virtually any exterior color scheme.

Heritage Vintage Color Options

Elite Glass-Seal

Problem: Your home doesn’t stand out from the crowd, and most shingle options are too boring to even consider. Solution: Elite Glass-Seal. When you need a high-quality, versatile shingle that is attractive, unique and vibrant, Elite Glass-Seal delivers strong results from the very beginning. These standard fiberglass-based asphalt shingles help you accent the design and beauty of your home with style and flair.

Featuring a range of bold, bright colors, the Elite Glass-Seal series delivers an appearance that makes your home pop, adding amazing curb appeal. This amazing palette makes standard 3-tab shingles on your roof look anything but boring and ordinary. Clean whites, deep blacks, vibrant reds, eye-popping greens and a wide range of other colors await your imagination and design.

Elite Glass-Seal Color Options

Poulin Is Here to Help!

Finding the right asphalt shingle roofing for your home comes with its own set of challenges. Not only are you trying to find a beautiful product, but you know that it needs to handle the rigors of mother nature’s unpredictable weather. At Poulin Lumber, we take pride in offering our customers the most innovative, high-quality building materials the industry has to offer. Whether you need top-notch asphalt shingles or a durable ice and water shield, we’ve got all of your roofing needs covered.

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