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As spring is bursting forth, your home’s exterior may have taken a beating over the winter. Not to worry, Koma Building Products is to the rescue! These high-quality PVC building products will do a wonderful job of beautifying your home’s exterior with low-maintenance products that instantly improve your curb appeal. Their versatile products deliver strong, long-lasting results that will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. Here’s a quick look at Koma’s line of building materials, just in time for spring’s beautiful weather.

Trim Boards/Sheets:

Koma CelukaWhen you need trim that looks, works and feels like high-quality wood trim, the trim available from Koma is second to none. You’ll experience the quality every time you nail, drill, route, cut or glue these high-quality PVC pieces. Unlike wood, you won’t have to worry about it warping, cupping, splitting or sustaining damage from insects or moisture. Paint it, bend it, build it up: you’ll enjoy great results.

Bead Boards/Sheets

When you want to have an uptown appearance with virtually no maintenance, the bead boards and sheets that Koma manufactures will deliver strong results. Sand it, heat bend it, paint it: whatever approach you need to take to finish your home’s exterior, Koma delivers superior results to almost any other material on the market. Its UV resistant surface can go up without painting for easy use.

Corner Boards:

With no special tools required for cutting, shaping and attaching, corner boards from Koma go up quickly and easily. The material’s natural resistance to UV makes it look wonderful even without paint, and its resistance to rot, insects, moisture, and warping make it a low-maintenance choice for your home’s exterior. The specialized extrusion process provides the hardest board surfaces on the market.


To dress up your home’s exterior even further, Koma’s collection of moulding material  is designed to match its lines of trim, making it easy to simply apply it and get on with your day. From crown molding, coves and casings to drip caps, shingle bands, sill profiles, and weatherstripping, this high-performance material is mold and mildew resistant, making it a great low-maintenance option.

Harmony Porch Flooring:

Available in gray and cedar, Koma’s line of Harmony porch flooring provides you with an excellent alternative to traditional wood decking, which can warp, split and rot. The manufacturer’s exclusive extrusion process ensures that you’ll always receive products that are of the same specification, rather than fighting with uneven boards or worry about tripping hazards from popped nails.

Kovert Trim:

When you need highly durable trim that will stand the test of time, Koma’s Kovert line will hold you in good stead. It works well with all siding types, rather than being tied into vinyl siding options. With exacting thicknesses and the hardest surface in the industry, the Kovert line delivers strong performance for many years to come, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular option with builders.

To beautify your home’s exterior appearance without breaking the bank or spending your entire summer on maintenance, consider Koma’s extensive line of quality trims, panels, boards, molding and flooring for your next project. Whatever project you’re preparing for, Poulin Lumber has the materials, tools, and expertise you need to get the job done. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information on Koma Building Products or to place an order.

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