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Steel Roofing

Colored metal panels
Installing metal roofing
Sliding a metal roof panel into place

Here at Poulin Lumber we offer a wide variety of steel roofing solutions and products for your needs. Have product questions, or want to request a quote? Contact Poulin Lumber today in order to speak with one of our trusted associates.

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Steel Roofing Brands 

Everlast roofing logo

Everlast provides the customer with high value, high-quality metal building and roofing components backed by consistent and reliable service.

Metal Sales logo

Metal Sales owns and operates 21 manufacturing facilities all across America that serve everything from architectural masterpieces to suburban homes.

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Steel roofing offers several benefits that make it an attractive material option for many customers. Not only will steel roofing have a long lifespan, but the light weight panels make installation a breeze. With so many benefits here at Poulin Lumber we’ve ensured we have the most innovative and high-quality products on the market to cover all of your steel roofing needs.

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