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When it comes to different types of pine boards, three types show up in a number of different home improvement projects: v-groove, edge and center bead, and shiplap.  But even though many people don’t see past the basic wainscoting or paneling options, there are a wide range of other uses for these versatile, inexpensive boards.  Here’s a quick look at some possible projects for your home that will take it from meh to wow in no time.

V-Groove Pine

V-Groove pine boardCalled v-groove because of the V that forms at the edges, this type of board can provide a classy, finished look that you may not otherwise expect. It can be used in a number of different projects to dress up your home’s interior. If you want flavors of log cabin living without the rough edges, using these boards run horizontally as paneling can create the optical illusion of smooth log faces. To add a touch of class to a hall tree or entryway, consider framing a few boards run vertically to create a clean, neat appearance. The chamfered edges provide another detail of interest when used for trimming windows and doors, especially in Craftsman-inspired designs. If you need to construct a primitive door or shutters for your home, v-groove boards provide both refinement and a handcrafted appearance to your project.

Edge and Center Bead Pine

V-Groove pine boardAs the pattern that gave birth to beadboard, edge and center bead pine provides a fancy touch without a lot of extra work. It can do a great job of dressing up otherwise boring flat-panel cabinet doors and ends in the kitchen, even serving as a decorative backsplash to trim out that difficult space between the countertop and wall cabinet. Its long, slender lines flow well in ceilings both indoors and outdoors, and it’s a go-to as a wainscoting option. It also helps dress up tub surrounds and aprons with very little work and looks lovely setting off the back of your built-in or freestanding accent or pantry shelves.

Shiplap Pine

ShiplapIf you’re looking for a solid nautical look, there’s nothing like shiplap to lend ambiance to your design dreams. With offset lips that create a tight seam, this type of wood is a little less finished and adds a lot more character to your home’s interior. Consider adding a few boards as an accent behind a bathroom vanity or above a fireplace mantle to fill out a nautical theme. You could also artificially distress the boards to get a convincing old barn board or pallet board appearance using gouges, chisels, hammers and other tools. Try adding milk paints or distressed finishes to your cottage to add flair without a lot of fussiness. It also works well as panels for a chest, desk or table, as the interlocking lips keep the surface together while looking a lot less formal, making a great option for shabby chic.

When you start looking at the possibilities with these inexpensive pine boards, you can quickly develop ideas for a number of different projects that will improve your home’s appearance and value.  But what if you’re not sure which type of material will work best for your project?  When you have questions, Poulin Lumber’s team of experienced associates is here to help.  Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, to get a quote or to place an order for materials for your next DIY project.

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