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Are you looking to install new windows or doors? Choosing the right installer is important so that you don’t pay unfair costs, receive poor service, or end up with drafts and moisture problems due to improperly installed doors or windows; or even worse, the wrong product purchased and installed for your home or business.

Luckily, the Poulin Windows & Doors Team of Vermont is here for you. Our long-standing history in the industry has built our unmatched expertise, knowledge base, and dedication to getting the best products and services for your home.

Here are the four key benefits of hiring our very own Poulin Windows & Doors Sales & Installation Team.

Full-Service Sales & Installation

When choosing to install a new door or window, you need an installation team that provides full service, which includes product sales and installation. Poulin’s services include:

  •   Consultation: consult with the same team about every step of the process and price estimates
  •   Product selection: work with Poulin’s expert team to choose the best window or door for your home
  •   Installation: an installation process that is efficient and affordable
  •   Follow-ups: Helpful communication will be provided after the installation to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result
  •   Maintenance: Quick, efficient response to any maintenance requests after installation

Choose from a Great Selection of High-Quality Brands

For quality windows and doors that can last for many years to come, you need to choose a reliable, high-end brand. Brands such as Andersen, Harvey, and Sierra Pacific are trustworthy companies that produce quality materials. Their windows and doors will:

  •   Save you money by having an energy-efficient design that prevents leaks and drafts
  •   Raise your property value
  •   Add safety and protection with a strong durable design

You Won’t Have Drafts, Leaks, or Creaks

When not installed right, windows or doors can create drafts, leak during intense rain or snow, have difficulties opening or closing, or even damage the surrounding floors, walls, and frames. The damage can be expensive, especially where moisture is involved. It’s critical to get it right the first time.

Hiring our professional team will greatly decrease these risks. Poulin’s Windows & Doors Installation Team’s full-service sales and installation consultation is a complete, full-service consultation. That includes:

  •   Helping you find and purchase the right window or door for your needs
  •   Giving you a complete price estimate
  •   Answering any questions about the purchasing and installation process

Once you’re satisfied with the plans and the price estimate, we can get to work expertly installing your new windows or doors. You can rest assured knowing that if there are any problems whatsoever, we’ll make it right.

Affordable Pricing and No Hidden Fees

At Poulin, our pricing is upfront, and catered to your project needs to work within your budget. Other installation companies have hidden fees and pricing structures that make the installation process seem like a “good deal” but become unaffordable upon project completion. These fees and unfair prices may include elevated labor costs, delivery fees, and high consultation fees.

At Poulin, our dedicated, reliable team will discuss every step of the process with you. This includes an accurate price estimate for installation and purchasing the door or window.

Ready For Your Window or Door Installation?

If you’re ready to get started with the window or door installation process, it’s time that you contact Poulin’s team of professionals. With fair prices, professional installation, and high-end window and door brands, Poulin is the perfect solution for any window and door installation in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York!

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