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Andersen 400 Series Gliding Window


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Exterior Trim

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Because they do not open outward, 400 Series gliding windows are an excellent choice for rooms that face walkways, porches or decks. Both sash glide horizontally for maximum ventilation. Made of wood protected by a vinyl exterior, it’s our best-selling gliding window.

  • Both sash glide horizontally for maximum ventilation
  • Wood protected by vinyl exterior
  • Durable and time-tested
  • Standard sizes up to 6′ wide and 5′ high
Stylish, Refined And Proven

Our best-selling awning window. Durable and time-tested.

What’s It Made Of?

Wood with a vinyl exterior to resist water and seal out the elements. Learn more about our materials.

Energy Efficiency

It’s built into every window. We have options to help you meet the performance level you need.

Want more details on the Anderson 400 Series Gliding Window? Click here to learn more!

Hardware Type

Rotating Sash Handle

Antique Brass, Black, Bright Brass, Brushed Chrome, Distressed Bronze, Distressed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Stone, White

Opening Control Device

Window Opening Control Device Kits limit the sash travel to less than 4″ (102mm) when the window is first opened. Available in Stone and White.

Passive Sash Handle

Attaches to the passive sash to aid in operation. Available in Sandtone color only.

Grille Type

Full Divided Light

Give your window an authentic look with grilles that are permanently applied to the interior and exterior of your window with an aluminum spacer between the glass.

Simulated Divided Light

Simulated divided light offers permanent grilles on the exterior and and a choice of permanent or removable wood interior grilles, with no spacer between the glass.

Removable Interior Grille

Removable interior wood grilles are secured via a fastener or grille clip and can be removed enabling you to easily clean the glass surface.

Finelight Grilles Between-the-Glass

Finelight™ grilles are suspended between the panes of glass, allowing you to easily clean both the inside and outside of your windows and doors.

Grille Patterns



Modified Colonial

Modified Colonial – Simulated Check Rail

Tall Fractional

Tall Fractional – Simulated Check Rail

Short Fractional

Short Fractional – Simulated Check Rail

Specified Equal Light

Specify number of same-size rectangles across or down.

Custom Patterns

Andersen gives you complete flexibility to design your own custom grille style. You sketch it, our craftsmen will create it.

Exterior Trim Profile

2″ Brick Mould w/ Sill Nose

3.5″ Flat w/ 2″ Cornice Top

3.5″ Flat w/ 3 5/8″ Cornice Top

3.5″ Flat w/ Sill Nose

4.5″ Flat w/ 2″ Cornice Top

4.5″ Flat w/ 3 5/8″ Cornice Top

4.5″ Flat w/ Sill Nose

Trim Styles

2″ Brick Mould

3.5″ Flat

4.5″ Flat

Head Trim Profiles

Decorative Drip Cap

2″ Cornice

3 5/8″ Cornice

Glass Performance Ratings

Product Name
How well a product prevents heat from escaping.
SHGC, or Solar heat gain coefficient, is how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight.
How much visible light comes through a product.
How well a product blocks ultraviolet rays.
SmartSun™Provides the benefits of Low-E glass, plus helps shield your home from the sun's heat and filters out 95% of harmful UV rays while letting sunlight shine through.
SmartSun with HeatLock™ CoatingAll the benefits of our SmartSun™ glass, with HeatLock® coating applied to reflect heat back into the home for improved thermal performance.
Low-E4®Reflects heat in the summer and helps keep heat inside in the winter, making this a good choice in climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern.
Low-E4 with HeatLock™ CoatingAll the benefits of our Low- E4® glass, with HeatLock® coating applied to reflect heat back into the home for improved thermal performance.
PassiveSun®If you live in a cold climate, PassiveSun® glass allows the sun to heat your home.
SunOffers outstanding thermal performance with a subtle tint that blocks out even more heat from the sun.

Learn more about glass options.

Decorative/Specialty Glass

Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is available on all products, and comes standard on all patio doors.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is also available, for added strength, enhanced security and sound control.

Sound-Reducing Glass

This glass helps reduce the volume of outside noise. Available with Low-E, SmartSun and HeatLock coatings.

Art Glass

Andersen® art glass is available in a wide variety of patterns adding uncommon elegance to any home style.

Patterned Glass

Let in light while obscuring vision and adding a unique decorative touch to your home.

Insect Screens

Choose full insect screen (fixed) or Pass-Thru (gliding) insect screen. Frames are available in colors to match product exteriors.

TruScene® Insect Screen

Exclusive Andersen® TruScene® insect screens provide over 50% more clarity than our conventional insect screens for a beautiful unobstructed view. They allow more fresh air and sunlight in, while doing a better job of keeping out small insects.

Conventional Insect Screen

Conventional insect screens have charcoal powder-coated aluminum screen mesh.

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