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When your home needs siding, either for the first time or as a replacement to update its look, it can seem as though there is a world of different options at your disposal. Though many of them are great options, it takes a little more information to determine which one is the best choice for your exact situation. Fortunately, that knowledge is easy to find in our overview below. We’ve selected the best, most common types found in our area and summed them up here:


Wood SidingAs a traditional material, nothing beats wood. Original lapped siding was split from smaller logs, as sections were split into thinner and thinner wedges, creating a sturdy exterior that sheds water well, especially when painted. Modern technology allows treatment of wood siding, such as our Maibec shake and lapped siding, allowing it to be warrantied as rot resistant for 50 years, reducing much of the maintenance otherwise needed in inferior wood siding products.

Stone Veneer

As another traditional exterior finish, stone provides a solid exterior, but can be a bit too expensive for some home and business owners. It may also require additional support in the wall system due to the weight, which may make it a more difficult replacement material due to the retrofitting that may be involved. However, it looks beautiful and adds value to the home. It can also match a wide range of colors and styles, as you can discover in our products available from StoneCraft.


Blue Vinyl SidingVinyl is an economical choice for many homeowners and business owners who want a good appearance without a heavy price or a lot of maintenance. It was developed as a replacement for steel and aluminum siding, which tended to retain marks from damage, such as dents from a bad hail storm or accidental ball strikes from children in the back yard. At Poulin, we offer vinyl siding from Mitten and Foundry.

Composite Wood

If you like the look of wood but are concerned about its stability, newer engineered wood options may be a great option to consider. They often use recycled wood scrap that would otherwise go to waste, provide a more stable substrate than traditional wood products but still deliver superior durability and resistance to aging issues. You can learn more about LP Smartside composite wood siding at any of our locations.

Fiber Cement

Another option to consider is the durability of fiber cement siding. In terms of appearance, it can be virtually indistinguishable from actual wood siding while being created from recycled materials. It handles like wood on the job site, but provides superior durability and rot resistance compared to many wood siding options. Often available with a 50 year warranty, this siding is practically maintenance free. Poulin is proud to offer James Hardy and Alura brands in our stores.

By choosing the right siding for your project, you can get the strong performance, beautiful appearance and durability you need. At Poulin Lumber, we have a wide range of siding options available for you to choose from. If you have additional questions about any of these siding types or need help picking out the right one for your home or business, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today for assistance. At Poulin Lumber, we’re dedicated to helping keep your project rolling.

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