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Whether you’re putting on your home’s first roof or want to make a replacement that will last for years to come, choosing the right shingles can make all the difference between a cheap, ordinary roof and one that compliments your home’s appearance while providing years of reliable performance. If you want a roof that will add to your structure’s curb appeal, architectural shingles may be a good option to consider. Here are the basics on three awesome series of architectural shingles that we offer at Poulin:

GAF Timberline

Timberline LogoGAF has a strong presence in the industry as one of the strongest sellers and performers, and their Timberline series is simply more of the best. Featuring a new advanced technology fiberglass mat, the Timberline weighs in as the lightest of our architectural shingles, but don’t think that makes it a light weight in competition. At 210 pounds per square, this makes it an excellent choice for roofs where weight may be a concern, such as a lightly-framed roof or one that will have additional weight added for solar panels or similar roof-mounted systems. Six different sub-series provide you with shingles that meet very specific requirements, including Class IV impact resistance, reflectivity to reduce cooling bills in the summer and a wide range of gorgeous colors across multiple colorways.

IKO Cambridge

IKO LogoIKO offers unprecedented 15-year labor and materials coverage on their Cambridge series shingles, 10 years longer than the competition. It also features a 15-year iron-clad protection period. When installed using high wind application methods, an additional wind damage warranty upgrade is available to cover winds up to 130 mph. A special coating creates algae resistance, ensuring your roof will maintain its beautiful color and appearance for many years, while a Class A fire resistance rating protects one of your biggest investments – your home. With 15 beautiful shades to choose from, you’ll be able to easily find a great match to your home’s exterior, allowing you to create strong curb appeal. However, if you need to transfer the warranty to a new owner, it can only be done once in the first ten years, and a $100 transfer fee applies.

Owens Corning Duration

Owens Corning Logo

Though roofing materials isn’t Owens Corning’s only business concern, it doesn’t mean they don’t do shingles well. Duration shingles from Owens Corning are proof of this dedication to excellence and superior building materials, providing you with shingles that deliver better performance, a beautiful appearance and a great warranty. With a reinforced nailing strip, they provide superior durability and long-lasting performance through bad weather. How bad? Owens Corning doesn’t require a high-wind installation to cover winds up to 130 mph, while the other two manufacturers listed require special installation techniques to warranty their shingles at this wind speed. It also delivers a 10-year warranty against algae, ensuring that the roof will continue looking beautiful in any of its 27 colors and performing well for years to come.

The shingles you select for your home will impact its value and performance for years to come. If you need help finding the perfect shingles for your home or business, we’re always ready to help. Whether you need a quote or just have a few questions about a product, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today. At Poulin Lumber, our job is helping you keep your job rolling forward.

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